I left CSKA because of my boss, it’s time to tell the whole truth about what happened

Part of the “BLITZ” podcast, in which Vladimir Manchev took part.

– Why did Vladimir Manchev leave CSKA in his last stay?

I left CSKA because of my immediate superior – Paulo Cardoso, who was the head of the Academy. I never hid that I didn’t like him, he also had that attitude towards me. I was always respectful though. We had differences on an interpersonal level. That’s why I left the club.

Vladmir Manchev says that he has been with CSKA since he was a child, and the reason for that is his father, who made him passionate about the team.

– Who targeted you and took you to CSKA?

“I came to CSKA as an 18-year-old teenager. Ivan Metodiev and Alyosha Dimitrov took me. I scored one game for them and they took me. After that I was also in the double. The championship was very strong. I became the top scorer of this league. Barracks followed, then I returned to Pazardzhik because CSKA did not offer me a contract. After one season, Dimitar Penev took me to CSKA”