Massimiliano Allegri, 51 years old. Getty

Massimiliano Allegri, 51 years old. Getty

After the Super Cup in Jedda, Juventus starts again winning also in the championship. At the Stadium 3 goals at Chievo and Allegri you can enjoy the success that keeps the bianconeri at +9 over Napoli: "The team made a good match, the guys proved to be mature, creating a lot and risking only on the 70th header (by Meggiorini, ed). Another fundamental success, that a success in less towards the chase after the Scudetto. Ronaldo's mistake? It happens, but I reveal that this morning in training he was wrong one on the same side …. With Kean instead I spoke this morning and needs to grow up. He knows how to score, but must also improve in many other things. Avr space and I think should not leave Juve, tonight was not the case to change the set ".

In bianconero he found the first goal also Emre Can, praised by the Juventus coach: "I'm happy with him, I would say that he has to speed up the game and must improve in opening the game and on the diagonals. For the rest of it is already well under way, it is growing. Dybala? sorry because he does not find the goal, but if he continues on this path he will become an extraordinary pawn. At this moment he thinks that from that less effective position, but he must continue on this path and also technically he was excellent tonight ". Finally, a few words about the turned Khedira ("He took a blow to his knee, we'll see how he is tomorrow") and on Higuain: "Not all seasons are the same, certainly not poor, remains a great player".


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