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‘I never threaten anyone’: Lisandro Rosales responds to the complaint of seven mayors

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Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Seven Honduran mayors who recently traveled to El Salvador to request support for anticovid vaccines, denounced in the last hours that Foreign Minister Lisandro Rosales threatened them after sharing the news of the prompt arrival of several trucks with thousands of doses.

The line of messages that they made viral on social networks begins like this: “Tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:00 am the 14 trucks with 34,000 vaccines enter the country, the seven mayors in the country en route to the El Poy customs “, one of the mayors textualized.

“I imagine that the seven mayors are going to be the first to go to receive Bukele when they want to put Conejo (island) in, but the F5 will leave them deaf,” quoted an alleged message from Chancellor Rosales.

The high official categorically denied the allegations of the councilors, while clarified Through their social networks saying that “Mayor, I never threaten anyone and especially if they do work for their communities, now present my statements that you say in social networks from my voice because otherwise I will proceed judicially, may God save your return to your home. “

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David castro, Mayor of Cedros, Francisco Morazán, spread the apparent exchange of messages with Lisandro Rosales on social networks, while pointing out through a video that “I have proof of the messages sent by the Chancellor, which he tried to erase, but what he said he must support it and apologize publicly. It is not fair that we are awake and tired and we are receiving threats from a secretary of state. “

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“Here are the messages, the hours and I can ask the Public Ministry or teleoperators to empty my cell phone just like his, I don’t bother, I’m just telling the truth. The minister gets upset when we share information that trucks are loaded with vaccines and now threatens the mayors and the Government of El Salvador, “said the mayor.

34,000 vaccines donated

El Salvador will donate vaccines against the coronavirus to seven municipalities in Honduras, as reported last Sunday by President Nayib Bukele. The Salvadoran president pointed out that “our country will help them with vaccines against covid-19 to immunize the population with the highest risk in their municipalities.”

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He pointed out that “the doses that we will donate will not affect at all the rate of vaccination in El Salvador (which is at the maximum of our human capacity). The scheduled shipments of vaccines that we will receive leave us a sufficiently wide margin to donate some,” he added.

The requests made to Bukele are based on the fact that El Salvador is one of the Central American countries that has received the most vaccines for its population. The situation in Honduras is increasingly worrying because the number of deaths and infections in 2021 is higher than in 2020, according to official reports from the National Risk Management System (Sinager).

In addition, in Honduras the vaccination process is very slow, since only 1% of its 9.5 million inhabitants have been immunized. Through the Covax mechanism, promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO), Honduras has begun to receive the first batches of more than 400,000 doses of AstraZeneca.

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6,000 Sputnik V are added, of which the first 3,000 doses purchased from Russia have already been applied, and 2,684 of Moderna, donated in February by Israel. Covid-19, whose pandemic began to spread in March 2020 in Honduras, has left more than 5,000 dead and over 219,000 infections, according to the National Risk Management System (Sinager).


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