“I vomited 12 hours”: woman finds dead rat in prepared food and suffers damage to her health | Society

Explicit Image Warning

Watch out! The images in this article can hurt the sensitivity of some people.

An unpleasant story lived a woman in Inglatrerra two days ago, after having found a dead mouse inside the prepared food that he had bought in a supermarket. The situation generated a decompensation that led her to vomit for up to 12 hours.

The affected was Cath McCall Smith (57), A woman who lives in the city of Durham bought a prepared lunch at the Tesco chain last Tuesday. Specifically, the dish she chose was “an Italian chicken.”

In his account to Yahoo, McCall maintained that he was eating part of the sauce in the product when, suddenly, with the fork he thought he had touched a chicken bone, but it was not so.

Disgusted and disgusted, she discovered that what was there was a dead mouse, which was probably cooked inside the small metal tray.


“Please don’t buy pre-made meals at Tesco, What I found on my tray made me vomit for 12 hours. I had a mouse in my tray “, wrote on Facebook.

On the social network he also attached images of the dish, in which part of the rodent’s body can be seen in the middle of the sauce.

From the aforementioned chain they referred to the fact through a statement, in which they expressed that an investigation was opened, adding that it is the first time that a situation of this type occurs to them.


“We treat our customer complaints very seriously and vwe love to carry out an in-depth investigation to determine what happened ”, they expressed.

Fortunately, McCall indicated that he had recovered from the health problems caused by that fact, which also went viral a lot on social networks.


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