“I was able to present a medical certificate, but…”

When you fly, you always have the option of taking out cancellation insurance. So did Natascha, who canceled her holiday and Ryanair flight two years ago due to a knee problem.

Unfortunately for her, this one did not intervene, and this because of an old lung disease.

“I was able to present a medical certificate,” she explains to HBVL. “This medical certificate stated: ‘The patient suffered from a pulmonary embolism last year and should drink and take plenty of exercise when traveling by air to minimize this risk. Due to a recent knee problem, she cannot follow this prescription. As a result, air travel has been discouraged.” I have been waiting for news of my refund for two years, ”adds the Belgian.

Ryanair referring the customer to her insurer, Europ Assistance explains that she “should have had an answer from us last September (…) The position was unfortunately negative”. The reason ? Natascha is excluded from the intervention “because the cancellation took place for medical reasons which existed before the conclusion of the insurance contract”.

In summary, she will not be reimbursed because the lung infection which prevents her from traveling was known before the booking.