“I wasn’t driving the car. They accuse me because my father is famous »- Corriere.it

from Elvira serra

The defense of the eldest son of the rocker from Zocca, convicted of wrongful death: “The two girls hadn’t done anything.” The artist after the sentence for the 2016 accident: “I have faith in justice”

Davide Rossi he runs, the twins are waiting for him, Leonida and Alessandro, born a year and a month ago by his partner Giulia. The quartet is often joined by Romeo, the eldest son of seven, the son of a previous relationship, with Alessia. “I really want to be a good father, present, to play with my children, to discover the world again with their eyes. Because I want to take my responsibilities, always “, he says by phone, a few hours after the first instance sentence that sentence of one year and 10 months for a rear-end collision in Rome on 16 September 2016.

David, who warned you of the judges’ decision?

«I was present in the Court when the sentence was read. I am always present to what concerns me because this is right. Too bad there weren’t the other two girls who accused me. “

Simone Spadano, sentenced to nine months for aiding and abetting: he allegedly misrepresented that he was behind the wheel in his place.

«I don’t know why they were convinced that I was driving instead of Simone. With us in the car was also Virginie Marsan (daughter of Lisa Melidoni, widow of Carlo Vanzina, ed), which confirmed it “.

So why are they accusing him?

“Maybe because I’m the son of a prominent character and they think they can get more compensation? Curiously, the two girls have already been compensated: they had signed the Cid, before thinking about it ».

So did you think they recognized her?

“I think so because they have had this flash of cunning. The first report from the emergency room had a prognosis of a few days, then they presented another. I am really shocked by how things have gone ».

Her father Vasco, however, defends her. When did you talk?

“Immediately after the sentence. My father has known things since they happened. He is close to me, as always, and I am glad that he defended me publicly. We told ourselves that unfortunately there was this injustice and now we hope that the truth will come out with the appeal. We still trust in justice. For the rest, I have no words ».

What is it about?

«I’m starting to work in the clock craftsmanship, at the level of restoration. I am studying and starting this parallel activity, which could give greater economic stability to the family I am creating. That of watches is a passion that I have had for a long time, without cultivating it ».

Do you do this to give your children greater security?

“I am a responsible father. I learn day by day how to take them, how to live with them. It is certainly not easy, but I am very proud of my commitment: perhaps it is the thing I am doing with the greatest care ».

What if they had to take your driving license out?

“It would be even more unfair, but we still have to wait for the final sentence. I still hope and trust in justice. In my heart I am serene because I am totally innocent ».

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