Ice Hockey: Magnus League – Magnus League: 4th day: Grenoble vs Mulhouse – Grenoble pulls out of the trap of the Scorpions.

Ice hockey – Magnus League: 4th day: Grenoble vs Mulhouse
(0-0 2-1 2-0)
The 20/09/2022
Ice rink Pole Sud Grenoble
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Grenoble gets out of the trap of the Scorpions.The Brleurs de Loups welcome for their first Magnus Ple Sud League match the Scorpions of Mulhouse still undefeated after their first 3 matches. We will also note the absences of Crinon, Onno and Flavian Dair as well as that of Poukkula which gives the opportunity to young Grossetete and Fertin to get on the ice. Mulhouse presents itself without its captain Perrenoud or its Canadian defender Pharaon. The locals will try to start well at home while the Alsatians want to continue on their way, the match could be tight.
Ice rink Pole Sud Grenoble, Hockey Weekly

Nicolas Scordialo the 21/09/2022 09:30


3048 spectators
Referees : MM. Barbez and Fabre assisted by MM. Constantineau and Thorrignac
Buts :
Grenoble : ; 28.46 Chad Nehring (is Adel Koudri and Brent Aubin); 33.39 Jere Rouhiainen ; 59.17 Sacha Treille (is Jol Champagne and Aurelien Dair) ; 59.42 Brent Aubin (is Chad Nehring and Bobby Raymond)
Mulhouse: 22.59 Luc Orysiuk (assistant Emils Gegeris and Konstantin Makarov)
10 minutes against Grenoble
4 minutes against Mulhouse

Both teams are struggling to get started with a game interrupted by many interruptions. After 5 ‘only Hardy will have been able to throw at the cage immediately putting Papillon in confidence. Stepanek had to wait a little longer to warm up on a first superiority of visitors well contained by faster Grenoble on the carrier of the puck. Dair followed by Fleury fit in at mid-third without difficulty for the goalkeeper. Then it’s the turn of Germond and Makarov to put Stepanek to work. The first numerical superiority of the Isérois will not give anything, apart from 2 against Mulhousiens stopped by the goalkeeper who watches. We will also note the attempts of Treille or Rychagov who fail on solid goalkeepers. A penalty against Mulhouse 20” from the siren does not give the Grenoble residents time to settle. This first third was quite soft, the protagonists had a hard time getting into shape and developing their game against goalkeepers who played their role well.

Photo hockey Ligue Magnus - Ligue Magnus : 4
photo: Jean-Christophe Salom

Grenoble struggled to install its power play at the start of the second period and Papillon mastered the few attempts. Orysiuk recovers the puck forgotten by Pascal and adjusts Stepanek on their first action [0-1 / 22’59’’]. Mulhouse provides most of the game by circulating the puck well while the Grenoble residents, who are faster in skating, play a few counterattacks. This is how Nehring finds himself alone against the goalkeeper and leaves him no chance [1-1 / 28’46’’]. The Russian duo Rychagov-Makarov offers great opportunities for Stepanek to shine. While they are in superiority, the Mulhousiens miss their recovery, Rouhiainen intercepts on the blue and with a throw that may seem trivial deposits the puck in the skylight of Papillon a little slow on the action [2-1 / 33’39’’]. Again in superiority, the Scorpions are countered by Treille but this time Papillon takes the puck out of the pad. Mulhouse clearly squandered their chance to take the lead with their very poorly managed power plays.

Photo hockey Ligue Magnus - Ligue Magnus : 4
photo: Jean-Christophe Salom

Back from the locker room, the players compete in clumsiness, only the goalkeepers hold their rank. New numerical superiority for Mulhouse, yet well established in the offensive zone, but the players do not find the fault. Towards the mid-third Koudri plays in the defense of the Scorpions, serves Aubin well shifted who only has to score but Papillon spreads his wings and deflects the puck from the shield for what will be the most beautiful action of the match. The momentum is Grenoble, the reds and blues clearly have the upper hand over the visitors, but Papillon is solid and does not let anything pass. At the end of the third Grenoble adds 2 pucks in an empty cage by Treille [3-1 / 59’17’’] then Aubin in inferiority [4-1 / 59’42’’]

The BDL ensure the essential with the 3 points of the victory but had great difficulty imposing their game against the Scorpions who know how to circulate the puck but who lack a bit of speed against the big skaters who are the Grenoble residents. Papillon, logically elected player of the match, allows his people to believe in it until the siren but their inefficiency in numerical superiority (0/5) will have cost the match to the Alsatians. Grenoble will chain the matches with a trip to Cergy (2 wins in 2 matches) this Friday (broadcast on Sport En France) then the reception of Amiens on Sunday and Anglet, the red lantern, on Tuesday.

Photo hockey Ligue Magnus - Ligue Magnus : 4
photo: Jean-Christophe Salom
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