If you see this on the front side of your 2 euro coin, it’s worth a fortune!

Did you know that a € 2 coin can be worth much more than € 2? Explanations.

This is the case with this piece, stamped with the face of Grace Kelly of Monaco. This rarest coin could actually be worth hundreds of euros … In your wallets!

Numismatists will be happy to find this coin. Indeed, this two-euro coin, like the former monarch of Monaco, Grace Kelly, can be very expensive.. Moreover, collectors have evaluated its value at hundreds of euros …

A very rare piece

In 2007, a special edition of € 2 coins was put into circulation. On the front side of these coins, we can see the profile of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco … This piece is the rarest ever published. And for good reason, only 20,000 copies have been put into circulation.

On the auction site eBay, we can see this piece start its auction at more than 2000 euros. A small fortune for a two euro coin, isn’t it? So be vigilant! Especially since this coin has another particularity: the tails side of the coin depicts the map of Europe before its expansion.

Unexpected value

It is obviously the rarity of the piece that makes its value. Numismatists are ready to tear it up and pay dearly to have this famous coin in their collection … When it came out in 2007, the coin bearing the image of the former actress was already selling for 120 euros … which would have thought that thirteen years later it would be worth 20 times more!

We therefore advise you to take a good look at your coins, because your wallet could contain much more than you imagine!

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