IFE: tomorrow they begin to charge according to the DNI those who have loaded a CBU

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Quarantine – IFE

The beneficiaries of the IFE, the Emergency Family Income, who are not banked, collect it through the Argentine Mail

The beneficiaries of the IFE, the Emergency Family Income, who are not banked, collect it through the Argentine Mail

The system will be by DNI termination number and, mindful of the need to maintain social distancing due to the coronavirus, it will advance at the rate of one number per business day, beginning this Thursday, July 2 for beneficiaries with documents ending in 0.

The payment of the $ 10,000 will continue with beneficiaries with IDs ending in 1, on Friday, July 3; those ended in 2, on Monday 6; at 3 on Tuesday 7 and at 4 on Wednesday 8.

After the holidays of July 9 and 10, the calendar will continue with the DNIs ending in 5, on Monday the 13th; at 6 on Tuesday 14; at 7 on Wednesday 15; at 8, on Thursday 16, and on Friday 17, for those ended at 9

Anyway, the payment date can be consulted through the Anses website, in the “Emergency Family Income” section.

Failing that, the beneficiaries must wait for the text message (SMS) that the agency will send them confirming the collection date.

More than two million people had completed until this weekend the loading of a CBU -the 22-digit number that identifies each bank account- in the application that the Anses had on its website in mid-June (www.anses .gob.ar / ife).

The objective, they assured from ANSES, is that payments are channeled through the banking system and thus allow a “faster and safer process“, without intermediaries and with the assurance that the $ 10,000 will reach your beneficiary.

In the case of not having a bank account, the beneficiaries will be able to request it for free at any bank, both through digital applications and in person, requesting an appointment at any public or private bank.

It is calculated that more than 3 million people who in the first round chose to collect the IFE through the Argentine Post (1.3 million people) and ATMs of the Red Link (1,272,000) and the Banelco Network (470,000) had toReport a CBU to re-collect the $ 10,000.

In recent days, the executive director of the Anses, Fernanda Raverta, advanced that there will be a third IFE payment in those areas of the country “where quarantine returns to phase 1, where the issue is more complicated in terms of respecting isolation. “

“Every time the Emergency Family Income is paid, it is a new decision, which includes re-allocating a huge amount on a budget to accompany the Argentines whom the government is taking care of in the pandemic situation,” Raverta said in a statement. radio statements.

On the possibility that the Government implements a universal income for the next few months, Raverta said that the issue “is on the agenda and is being discussed, but it lacks a long way to go”.

“There are multiple perspectives on the possibility of having a universal income and it is not a simple discussion; the questions and solutions are not one-way, the third sector and also the private sector participate in the community,” he said.

“We have to make an effort to have a population of 9 million people, some of whom work in an unregistered manner and those who do not have an income. That effort to lead the community from the State must guarantee that each one contributes his part, the State and also the third sector and the private sector, “Raverta closed.



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