Illegal streaming: 70 suspects, taken one of the bosses in Salerno, users tremble

SALERNO. Maxi operation of the Postal Police against audiovisual piracy. Searches and seizures throughout Italy, even in the province of Salerno, where one of the leaders of the criminal organization operated, capable of generating profits of over 10 million euros in the months of the investigation alone. On the other hand, 70 suspects accused of criminal association, of a transnational nature, aimed at the dissemination of television schedules with conditional access, money laundering, fraudulent transfer of assets, impersonation, possession and manufacture of false identity documents, unlawful use and forgery of non-cash payment instruments.

The policemen have dismantled an association organized in a hierarchical way between bosses, deputies, masters, admins, technicians and resellers, with primary bases in Catania, Rome, Naples, Salerno, Trapani as well as in England, Germany and Tunisia, specialized in the distribution to a large number of users of live and on demand events protected by television rights, owned by the best known pay platforms, through illegal IPTV broadcast on Telegram.

The damage to the audiovisual industry amounts to over 30 million euros per month, considering that the operation shed light on 70% of illegal streaming for over 900,000 users. In order to evade investigations, the suspects used encrypted messages, fictitious identities and false documents, also used for registering telephone bills, credit cards, television subscriptions and server rentals. In this phase the investigation concerned only the promoters and resellers of the organization: subsequently the private users of the illegal services will be identified.