Impact of the authorities against Ottoman rockers is clear Signal to Erdogan

Impact of the authorities against Ottoman rockers is clear
 Signal to Erdogan

Their bosses are therefore in the drug and arms trade, money laundering, predatory extortion. Those who do not feel spurred are sometimes threatened and brutally beaten. Today’s Tuesday, the local security authorities launched a large-scale raid in several states with a focus on North Rhine-Westphalia. Proximity to Turkish government circles is increasingly worrying Insiders see the measure as a strike against alleged henchmen of the autocrats in Ankara. Apparently, the search warrants should provide further evidence of a club ban. “In recent months, the Ottomans try to present conspicuously calm and legally compliant,” state the LKA analysts. “This presumably happens with the intention to provide no attack surface in connection with the initiated or planned legal steps to tighten the association law.” Above all, the proximity to Turkish government circles prepares the state guard increasingly concern. “The Ottomans Germania BC is a rocker-like grouping that is also politically active and Turkish-nationalist, in the Internet sometimes represents right-wing extremist positions,” stated the NRW Ministry of Interior recently. “Counter-Terrorism” against the PKK and others Opponents of the Turkish government are spied out in this country, also the Kuttenträger should provide around their boss Mehmet Bagci information about the activities of Kurdish activists. According to the LKA report, the Turkish authorities classify the activities of the Ottoman Germania BC in Germany as “combating terrorism” against the PKK, left-wing extremist Turkish groups and the opposition Gülen movement. The latter will be in for the coup attempt Turkey blamed. In addition, there are contacts between leaders of the Ottoman Germania and representatives of the Turkish ruling party AKP and advisers of the Turkish President Erdogan. Also well-known officials of the boxing troop should have handed over several sums of money with which the Ottoman rockers should also have acquired firearms. The fastest growing rocker-like union The German security authorities classify the grouping as the fastest growing rocker-like association. In the past, according to NRW Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul ( CDU ) had come to “clashes with left-wing, Turkish groups.” In addition, the rocker group had occurred at events of government-related, Turkish organizations in Germany as event protection. For example, during a spontaneous briefing on January 24 at the Dortmund Central Station. There drummed the Union European Turkish Democrats (UETD) for Erdogan Military operation in Syrian Room around the Kurdish city of Afrin. The meeting of the Lobby Association of the Turkish Government was held under the motto: “The political situation in Syria”. In a 42-page pamphlet, the UETD condemns the PKK and other Kurdish militias such as YPG as terrorists. At the event, it came to scuffles the police , One of the assembly’s folders was identified as a 26-year-old member of the Ottoman Ottomans BC. According to the LKA report, the largest chapter is in Essen Founded in 2015, the troupe grew rapidly. The largest chapter is according to the LKA report in Essen. Police records suggest that the Ottomans should implement a “punitive action” against moderator Jan Böhmermann. The Cologne comedian had presented in March 2016 in his broadcast on ZDF Neo a dirty poem against Erdogan. The order should have been issued by the UETD directly to Ottoman leader Bagci. Böhmermann had to be put under police protection at that time. How to handle the Ottoman bosses with dropouts, proves the case of an apostate from Wuppertal. Since he refused to pay 7000 euros in punitive money for his move to another rocker connection, the head ordered him to kill. The dropout then revealed himself to the police. The Stuttgart The prosecution has since filed charges against eight Ottoman rockers. Huge security risk Against this background, the LKA NRW classifies the Ottoman Germania BC as an enormous security risk: “Both in prepared conflicts, as well as in spontaneous violence is to be expected with the use of weapons and other dangerous items.” At a senior management meeting in Ahlen in Westphalia, police officers used controls to find quartz sand gloves, a PTB firearm, a knife and a telescopic baton. Consequently, the LKA paper warns “the consistent observance of the principles of intrinsic safety in all police measures” with members of the Ottoman rockers. “Hazardous situations in this context can not be ruled out even for bystanders,” concludes the statement. Hang on weapons and violence Hamit P. had a penchant for weapons and violence according to internal police assessment. The Wuppertal Justice had obtained a warrant for arrest in February against the Ottoman rocker. When arrested by a Special Task Force (SEK), the Ottoman rockers shot dead. As it turned out later, P. was not armed during the access. Since then, the prosecutor investigates against a SEK official. Video: Angels on the decline: Bandidos are expanding their power in NRW

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