In flight, she demands a flute of champagne and makes land the plane


A big whim of a star that is expensive. On Saturday 9th, a 44-year-old Swiss driver who was in business class aboard an Airbus A320 from Swiss, which was to connect Moscow to Zurich, asked for a champagne flute. The crew did not have access to his request and ran into the wrath of the forty-year-old, who began to be very aggressive with everyone.

According to Washington Post , who reports this unusual story, she even seized a steward by the wrist. Shocked by the situation, the crew then decided to land the plane in emergency at Stuttgart airport for this passenger to be unloaded.

When he arrived on the tarmac, the police came to arrest him. She tried to forcefully return to the plane but was stopped by law enforcement officers. She was fined 5,000 euros.

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Her misbehavior did not only cost her a lot of money. The company lost tens of thousands of euros because of this improvised stopover.

Note that the crew did not refuse to serve champagne. There simply was not (or more) in stock. On the other hand, the angry passenger was refused a double ration of sparkling wine. And that did not please him at all. The rest, we know it.


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