In June, the cheapest 5-car “Zero” model 2020.. start from 121 thousand

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Monday 01 June 2020

Books – Mohammed Jamal:

Experienced automotive source since the beginning of 2020 consecutive cuts long style are many, and the economic sector of the sectors most affected by these cuts.

And auto the cheapest rate in the market local brands Japanese, Russian, French, and Chinese, with starting prices of 121.000 pounds and not exceeding 165.000 pounds.

The report observes the following prices and specifications of cars the 5 cheapest in Egypt; and can be recognized through the following pages:

Zotye Z100

Keep the Zotye Z100 Chinese on its place are a new car in the Egyptian market since reduced their prices last September.

And Z100, which belongs to the hatchback car, small category is one of the facilities, and rely on the engine is a four cylinder with a capacity of 1100 cc strongly 75 hp transmission manual 5-speed.

Aggregating the official price of the car 121.000 pounds.

Suzuki Alto

Under the the Suzuki Alto the new that belong to the car hatchback small four doors, five seats, the third place among the cars cheaper in Egypt 2020.

Provide Alto clients of the Japanese company in Egypt equipment category of the one, and power from a small engine three-cylinder capacity 800cc and produces a power of 47 hp and movement of the bird conveyor manual 5-speed.

Aggregating the official price for the car in January 129.900 pounds.

Suzuki espresso

The company announced the “modern motors” of development, the exclusive distributor for Japan’s Suzuki in Egypt, about the price of newer Suzuki cars in the local market a S. Presso “espresso” SUV sports.

You think Suzuki is espresso which is fashioned productive of the experimental Future-S, on the sleeves, mini gasoline engine three-cylinder capacity of 1.0 liters strongly 67 hp at 5500 rpm, fuel tank capacity 27 liters.

And car new customers to the local market transmission 5-speed, and starting from up to 100 km in 14.3 seconds, what maximum speed is 150 km/h.

According to the agency Local the new car is currently available for customers of the market to source a Category One fully equipped at a price draw of $ 145.000 pounds.

Lada Granta

Under the Lada Granta Facelift New fourth between the cars cheaper, and the first place among sedans small family with manual transmission.

It was a collection of hope Auto Show revealed last November by Granta 2020 improvements to work product, providing the car with some modifications on the level of external structure, in addition to a number of the equipment in the booth interior.

Think Lada Granta new wings engine quad cylinder capacity of 1.6 liters and strongly 85 hp and manual transmission of 5 speeds.

Aggregating the official price of the car 155.000 pounds.

Renault Logan

Provide the French Renault car by the Logan family sedan in the Egyptian market 6 categories of processing, the prices range from four categories the first of which between 165.000 and 199.000 pounds.

The first category standard of Logan between the cheaper price in the local market at the price of formal 165.000 pounds.

Provide first and second categories with manual transmission of 5-speed is linked to engine four-cylinder capacity of 1.6 liters and strongly 90 hp.

The categories III and IV are dependent on the same engine available in categories first and second, different that they were equipped with two transmission automatic 4 speed and some interior fittings.



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