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Home World In Poland, a conference on Iran spreads the Europeans

In Poland, a conference on Iran spreads the Europeans

The case is the headline of the Iranian press. "The sad circus of Warsaw: the spectacle of the United States and Israel against Iran will make noise, but nothing else," writes the conservative daily Javan. "Poland swears that no hostile commentary on Iran will be made at the Warsaw Summit", moderate the journal close to the reformers, Aftab-e Yazd. For two days, the Polish capital hosts an event that provokes the fury of the Iranian authorities.

Initiated by the United States, the conference was to focus on "The destabilizing influence" from Iran to the Middle East, before being extended to stability in the region, a more unifying subject. It is part of the very tough policy implemented over the past year by Washington, which has unilaterally reinstated sanctions against the Islamic Republic, in violation of the nuclear agreement signed in 2015.

Europeans remain determined to save him. London, Berlin and Paris have developed a mechanism, called Instex, to allow companies to continue trading with Iran in agriculture and pharmaceuticals. At a press conference on Tuesday, Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz tried to bridge the gap between the Europeans and the Trump administration: "The European Union and the United States perceive the same threats in the Middle East; sometimes we differ on how to solve these crises. " The Polish conservative government, although close to the power in Washington, officially supports the nuclear deal.

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Most European states sent only secondary representatives to the conference, with the exception of British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. In contrast, the United States sent Vice President Mike Pence and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu will speak on Thursday. Russia has refused to participate and Turkey is content to send a diplomat to Warsaw.

From Tehran, the Iranian Foreign Minister has pitched a conference "Born-dead." The Supreme Leader, the highest authority of the State, has also expressed himself on the subject. "Today, they feel they need a coalition of dozens of countries […] to confront the Islamic Republic politically and militarily. And despite that, they will fail, he said, clearly referring to the United States.

Pierre Alonso with AFP



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