Home World In Sudan, an agreement is emerging between civilians and soldiers

In Sudan, an agreement is emerging between civilians and soldiers

The leaders of the protest movement and the army hope to have found common ground Saturday, April 27 in Khartoum, capital of Sudan, the first step towards an exit from the political crisis that paralyzed the country for several months. " We reached an agreement on a joint council between civilians and the army Ahmed al-Rabia, one of the protesters who participated in the talks, told AFP.

Two weeks after the dismissal of President Omar El Bashir, this compromise was drawn at the first meeting of a joint committee, created Wednesday, April 24, which brings together the representatives of the dispute and those of the Transitional Military Council in power. The Association of Sudanese Professionals (SPA), spearhead of the protest, saw in the meeting of Wednesday, April 24 a step towards a " confidence building Between the two parties.

The army under the pressure of the street

Shortly after this meeting, the Military Council announced the resignation of three of its ten members, Generals Omar Zinelabidine, Jalaluddin al-Sheikh and Al-Tayeb Babikir. He did not provide explanations.

Omar El Bashir incarcerated and under ICC arrest warrants

Since April 6, protesters have been gathering day and night in front of army headquarters in Khartoum, as a result of a protest launched on December 19. Initially, they denounced the tripling of the price of bread. Subsequently, the movement became a protest against Omar El Bashir, head of state for nearly 30 years.

His arrest on April 11 did not bring down the dispute. Opponents demand a civil power, the judgment of the former president and the main officials of his regime. On Saturday, April 27, the leader of the main opposition party, Sadek al-Mahdi, called on his country to join "immediately" the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Omar El Bashir leaves South Africa without being worried

The ICC has issued arrest warrants for Omar El Bashir to respond to charges of genocide and war crimes and crimes against humanity during the conflict in Darfur, western Sudan. The deposed president, 75, has always rejected the charges.

The Transitional Military Council refuses to extradite the former head of state. It leaves this possible decision to the civilian government that it has committed to put in place at a date to be determined.

Economic crisis

The spokesperson of the Alliance for Freedom and Change (ALC) – the joint committee between protesters and military – said Friday, April 26 that a transition period of four years would be required for the implementation of a "Recovery program" to get out of the economic crisis.

The country of 40 million people, cut three-quarters of its oil reserves since the independence of South Sudan in 2011, is particularly faced with a shortage of foreign currency.



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