In the region, the action “Stop AIDS and HIV”


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Free, fast, and most importantly – anonymously. Kirov students have been tested for HIV infection. Thus, the Kirov region joined the All-Russian action “Stop HIV / AIDS”. – The study is carried out by blood from a finger, one drop of blood is enough to know if you have HIV in your body or not. First a brief briefing. Then, participants of the action “stop HIV / AIDS” are asked to fill out the documents. The procedure will take several minutes. This is much less than preparing for it. Nadezhda Smirnova often donates blood. She is an athlete, she is engaged in rock climbing. HOPE SMIRNOVA, STUDENT: “From the Institute we were sent here, so in principle, I have never encountered. Just interesting for yourself. ” The procedure is painless. The results are known almost immediately after passing the test. SVETLANA MARKOVA, FIELDSCHER-LABORANT: “The scarifiers are a very small needle that pierces your finger. The test is done quickly. In ten minutes”. The action “Stop HIV / AIDS” is conducted all over Russia. It is timed to the international day of memory of the victims of AIDS. Note that 800 thousand people are infected in Russia today. Most of them are people over 25 years old. ARTEM MAKAROV, SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT: “The region has a difficult situation with the incidence. On the territory of the Kirov region live more than 2 thousand HIV-infected. Physicians every day reveal a new infected. ” HIV and AIDS are incurable. Therefore, the best prevention is such actions, specialists are sure. Today, narcologists, specialists of the perinatal center and other specialists worked with the students. The consultation could be obtained not only in AIDS, but also in other diseases. EKATERINA SMETANINA, TROUSER. DEPARTMENT OF PREVENTION OF AIDS CENTER KOGBUZ “INFECTIOUS CLINICAL HOSPITAL”: “Now the students are interested in two things: chronic infectious diseases and addiction. Many of them have already undergone rapid HIV testing. Today it is very important to know your HIV status, in order to prevent the development of the disease in time and not to serve as a source of infection for other people. ” Everyone will be able to quickly, free of charge and anonymously be checked for HIV. From May 18 to May 20, the rapid testing station will work in the Central Department Store, from 11 to 15 hours.

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