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In two rows to the Apocalypse | TIME ONLINE

Do you have to worry? As a serial consumer could
In recent weeks, one gets the impression that it only helps to pray. in the
In November, the Danish pastor family story was published The ways of the Lord.
in January weeping in Italian production A wonder
a plastic Madonna blood. And in the new German Sky series Eight days, which was presented at the Berlinale, appears shortly before
The end of the world even a Messiah.

That art is in politically troubled times
in doomsday scenarios is not uncommon, but the accumulation of sacral
and religious components is already remarkable. Eight days Already sets the tone in the opening credits: David Reichelt mixes motifs and texts from the Stabat mater and from Tristis est anima mea (Sad is my soul). The rescue from certain destruction, we hear out there, is no longer just alone
in the human hand.

Mankind has its downfall in Eight days but not yourself
in debt, no, an asteroid named Horus is racing toward the earth. The
Hope that "the Americans blow up the thing" has
not fulfilled. In Germany, therefore, no stone will remain on the other. At least
not above ground. Bunker, the federal government last but far too few built
and therefore begins a desperate race for the few places where one
Survival could at least be possible.

On the first day before the end of the world is still full in
Order in Berlin: The newscaster reads with a composed expression: "Horus is
continue on a collision course with the earth. The impact will be in eight days
expected near La Rochelle. "

Really ?, one wonders in minute four of this 480-minute countdown. One week before the end of the world, everything works
his usual gear? This is a pretty blue-eyed one even for Germany
Adoption. In the city center, the cars drive a bit uncivilized, but that
the Berliner would not be under state of emergency. Much rather would suspect that the first gasoline runs out and no more crazy
a gas station works. But who wants to deal with such
Side-things stop, if in the next shot the highly pregnant
Marion (Nora Waldstätten) worried looks at the TV and her stomach

Here's what the series looks like in the following
Episodes will focus on the family, on the emotional excitement that brings the scenario. How can the innocent child be saved?
in a country that will soon be wiped out?

At the center of the plot is a middle-class family consisting of
the physician Susanne (Christiane Paul), the physics teacher Uli (Mark Waschke), the
Teenage daughter Leonie (Lena Klenke) and little Jonas (Claude Heinrich).
While they are trying to flee to Russia with a tug, Susanne's brother Herrmann (Fabian Hinrichs) hopes to be a consultant
Home Office, on a place in a Bundeswehr machine to America. He wants to go there with his girlfriend, the pregnant Marion,
flee and start a new life. Grandpa Egon, on the other hand, has life
completed and looks stoically in his cottage in Kleinmachnow the downfall. In addition, there is the policeman Deniz (Murathan Muslu), who tries to maintain order, and
the contractor Klaus (Devid Striesow), who deals with weapons
and Bunker has prepared for the new time.

is the third own production of the
German Sky offshoot, with The boat
and The passport a respectable record over the past three years. These too
Series is an ambitious project, a genre piece in the midst of countless
History and crime stories. When showrunner acts the young, aspiring
Producer Rafael Parente, who is already surprising successes for his Munich company Neuesuper
as Blockbustaz and Hindafing
has developed. He also has the script for Eight days written, together with Peter Kocyla and Benjamin
Seiler (Blockbustaz), Directed
Oscar-winning Austrian Stefan Ruzowitzky
(The Fakers) and the boy
Swiss filmmaker Michael Krummenacher.

Hey, Jesus: Robin (David Schütter) becomes the new Messiah for the end-time people.
© Sky / New Super / Stephan Rabold

Well, ambitious means in this case, unfortunately only: Had synonymous can work. But the big drama is a lot of little ones
Dramolette has become and, much worse, the state of emergency is spreading
terrible routine of a public 90-minute off. Ultimately
make all the protagonists what you expect them to do: parents try
to save their children, the Ministry employee pulls out all the stops of the
Blackmail and bribery. All characters are in cement from the beginning
cast: The Bunkermann is a sadistic asshole, the policeman of last one standing and the crazy guy with
the tear tattoo under the eye, of course, the new Jesus. Only the laconic
Henry Hübchen as Egon succeeds in giving his character a bit of anarchic wit
breathe in his son when he says "I am an officer of the NVU"
saves a crowded subway shaft. But his character must not
Simply, he too has to resort to one of the inevitable flashbacks
To declare death.

The great Austrian director
Michael Haneke has recently been interviewed by the SZ once again stressed
how fatal is the stylistic device of the flashback on dramaturgy and tension
of a story. He, too, had first to learn, "that the
the only appropriate way was to avoid these explanations
and to delegate them to the audience as a question ".



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