Incredible, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 at a price never seen on Amazon during the sales!

Are you looking for a powerful tablet? For this type of device, you can easily turn to the Samsung brand, which is a safe bet. The brand has developed many models of touch pads and is always at the forefront of technology. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablet is at a contained price during the winter sales on Amazon, at €799 instead of €899.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

This high-end 11-inch touchscreen tablet is compact and powerful at the same time. Thanks to Qualcomm’s processor, you can play resource-intensive games. The tablet is equipped with a main 13-megapixel photo module and a 5-megapixel ultra wide-angle, the quality of the photos is satisfactory. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has an 8000 mAh battery which offers a very comfortable autonomy of around 20:46. The tablet’s finishes are excellent, which is not surprising for a tablet in this range, and the LCD screen is of high quality. The device is responsive, thanks in particular to the screen which has a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

A powerful touchscreen tablet

By choosing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, you’ll get a PC-like experience on a tablet by clipping in a keyboard. It is possible to use the new ultra-precise S Pen stylus to use it as a graphics tablet. It is an excellent tablet with a particularly interesting technical sheet that makes the tablet very versatile and suitable for many needs. Creatives should love this tablet model that lets you bring your ideas to life by drawing directly on the device.