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Dalma, as he says, has been preparing for this career since childhood. He was a teenager when an exhibition of his works was organized, which is why he was sensitively affected when, as a sharp change, he went to an economics college and then to the civil sphere, due to “parental pressure”. However, he did not succeed in deviating from his career in fine arts, he constantly created and experimented, and luckily the knowledge acquired at college was not wasted either, since in addition to doing creative work, he also manages his artistic activities.

You don’t just need concrete to succeed

The artist believes in close, long-term working relationships and consciously prepares for domestic and art fairs and exhibitions. However, the Hungarian art scene is a very closed community, according to Dalma, it is much more difficult to assert yourself as an “outside the system”, so she obsessively tries to find professionals and galleries who can help her develop, serving as a springboard for her upward career.

It’s a very meticulous, roughly 0-24 job, you have to believe in yourself fanatically so that they hear and understand what you say and the outside world sees the same as you. Without a degree from the University of Fine Arts, you run into an amazing number of walls in this field, but it never took my fancy, but on the contrary, it inspired me.

“If we want to approach artistic activity a little more rationally, then this much time and work is also a “serious investment”. Materially, and also in terms of the relatively short time of a person’s life on earth. It also involves a lot of sacrifices, just like with, say, a professional athlete, but the joy of creating, and then the way a painting takes its own path and finds a home somewhere in the world, or at home in Hungary, makes up for everything.”

“During the initial period, my primary goal was that until I could demonstrate domestic success, I would not go out into the world. I approached Hungarian galleries and gallerists with my portfolio, but at first I was unsuccessful. It was also surprising to me that the successes came from abroad for the first time.”

New York is an important station

At the Budapest Art Fair, the tide turned, Dalma met two art directors who owned galleries, who invited him to Miami – so his first serious international appearance was not just anywhere, but in one of the most popular cultural centers in the United States. Then came the other requests: Milan, Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, ​​Padua, Beirut and Hong Kong.

Habitus, humility and hope – he emphasized – these were the things I needed to be noticed abroad.

The creator, who has a strong presence on social media, stated that he uses these platforms as a portfolio. His most recent exhibition, which ended in December, was in Hong Kong – Shout Galéria also found Dalma on Instagram, and after half a year of intensive correspondence and relationship building, they organized an independent exhibition for him in downtown Hong Kong, in the middle of a luxury department store.

The artist is particularly pleased that nine of the ten paintings she exhibited were sold, so a new, larger exhibition of twenty paintings will be organized for her in March. In fact, his works will be taken to another Asian art fair in May and, if everything is true, to Dalmatia as well.

“I can count on one hand how many young people from Hungary have made it this far, mostly through self-reliance,” emphasized the mother of three, who balances motherhood with her work.

He is currently communicating with partners in Japan, Korea and South America, and it is not a secret that he wants his works to reach New York – in addition, of course, he also wants to be a decisive player in the Hungarian art scene.

(Cover photo: Dalma Göncz. Photo: Pál Tamás)