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Index – Domestic – There is no professional agreement on the type of third vaccine, but Pfizer will be the winner

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On 16 July, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced that the third vaccination would be allowed from 1 August. The vaccine can only be requested four months after the second vaccination, but the vaccinating doctors may deviate from this. You should visit the place where people received the first two doses and there is no vaccination order, there will be no difference between the elderly and the young.

In an exclusive interview with Index, Béla Merkely, rector of Semmelweis University, said that medicine uses vaccines in daily practice that require three doses. Clinical testing and authorization of vaccines has traditionally taken years, ie clinical data related to the third vaccine are currently collected by experts. He added that in Germany and the UK, for example, Pfizer is also being given to AstraZeneca, and vice versa. Professor Merkely finds it understandable that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer wants the third vaccine to be Pfizer as well, but she is professionally insisting that those with mRNA vaccination receive a vector vaccine, and vice versa.

Earlier, Péter Vereckei, Managing Director of Pfizer Hungary Kft., Said that the combination of different vaccines had not been evaluated in the Phase 3 clinical trial, and that the current official approval of the vaccine did not include the interchangeability of vaccines.

Pfizer and BioNTech issued a press release on July 8 stating that an ongoing study with a third (booster or booster) dose of their vaccine is encouraging: six months after the second dose, it provides a safety profile consistent with that previously reported. , while providing 5-10 times higher levels of virus neutralizing antibodies to wild-type and beta variants than after two vaccinations. The announcement ten days ago also emphasizes that work is currently underway to prove the effect of the third vaccine against the delta variant.

but mRNA-containing vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna can be given as many times as after any previous vaccine, RTL Klub Híradó reported. Like Katalin Karikó, Miklós Rusvai, a veterinarian who is presented as a virus researcher, believes that the third type of vaccine may be especially beneficial for vector vaccines, such as AstraZeneca and Sputnik. It is also recommended that those vaccinated with Sinopharm vaccine in China seek a third vaccine.

Metropol asked Imre Kacskovics, professor of immunology, for his opinion on the third vaccination:

A booster dose is needed because the delta variant comes. Even in countries with higher vaccination rates, protection against the virus variant has been lower.

The immunologist stressed that the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed or the rules of the profession should be followed until there are clinical trials on the subject.

In my personal opinion, the Pfizer vaccine could be given once more, as well as Moderna. Vector vaccines are not very replicable because they can cause an immune response in the body, which can prevent the vector from reaching its target and acting. In addition, Sinopharm can even be added to the third round because it works with the inactivated virus. The first two doses of Sinopharm show that the protection is lower in those over 60, according to the latest studies, because the elderly have a weaker immune system than the young, so if there is enough vaccine, I would definitely recommend the mRNA vaccine to them.

He added.

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The head of the national vaccination working group, István György, spoke at Balatonmáriafürdő on Sunday about the fact that the third vaccination is recommended to be given four months after the second vaccination, but it can be obtained earlier on the recommendation of a family doctor. István György emphasized that there are enough vaccines available. However, it did not detail how many reserves of vaccine are available in the country.


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