Index – FOMO – A survey was conducted on Gabi Tóth: can he become president?

In the survey, people were asked, on the one hand, whether they think Gabi Tóth has received more criticism since he accepted his Christianity, and on the other hand, whether they think his Christianity is authentic. The online questionnaire was filled out by 1,800 people, according to the IDEA institute, the margin of error of the survey is +/- 2.3 percentage points at most.

The first statement was exactly as follows:

The well-known singer Gabi Tóth has received a lot of criticism lately because he openly accepts his Christian beliefs.

Respondents had to rate how much they agree with this on a scale from 1 to 5 (or they could also mark the option of not knowing/not answering). The result was that

the large majority of respondents (32 percent) did not agree with the statement at all.

Fewer than that, 17 percent, said that they completely agreed with it, and the grades in between (2, 3, 4) were marked by 7, 8, and 6 percent of people, i.e. extreme opinions dominated. The remaining 30 percent said they don’t know/don’t answer.

In the survey, respondents were also asked about their party preference. Based on this point of view, it turned out that, according to the opposition, they are clearly not criticizing Gabi Tóth because of Christianity (52 percent answered this, while 8 percent chose the other extreme). Meanwhile, the voters of the governing parties were more divided on the issue, but 39 percent of them said that I should criticize Gabi Tóth clearly because of Christianity (but 17 percent of them thought that this was not the case at all).

Is Gabi Tóth authentic?

The other question sounded like “Gabi Tóth is rightly criticized because he is not at all credible in representing the values ​​he conveys”. Again, only 32 percent of the respondents said that they completely agreed with this question, while 19 percent answered that they did not agree with it at all. 30 percent could not/did not want to answer this question either.

Projected on party preference, there was again a big difference in the assessment of the issue.

65 percent of the opposition believed that Gabi Tóth was completely untrustworthy.

On the other hand, only 5 percent considered the singer’s Christianity to be authentic (13 percent did not answer, the rest chose the intermediate options, but rather considered the singer to be unreliable.)

Meanwhile, 45 percent of the government party voters saw Gabi Tóth as completely credible, while 10 percent said that they thought he was completely unreliable. Several of them chose intermediate opinions, but the proportion of those who did not answer the question was higher than that of the opposition – 23 percent – it was revealed from the survey presented by Blikk.

Can you be president?

A few hours later, Gabi Tóth also responded to the news of the public opinion poll on Instagram. The singer posted an Insta story that was available for 24 hours, saying: “Guys, it’s the peak of my life. They conducted a public opinion poll about me among the people”. Then she laughed and asked her husband:

Baby, do you think I can be president one day?

To this, his partner, Gábor Krausz, replied that “I think you will be if the public votes for you”.

My brother… What are you into? Thanks for that!

– was the answer of the Christian singer.

(Cover photo: Gabi Tóth. Photo: Patrícia Bodnár / Index)