Industrial developers expect development indicators to grow during the year Present

Industrial developers expect development indicators to grow during the year

Businessman Bassil Shaira predicted that the coming period will witness the growth of industrial investment indicators during the current year 2018, supported by the issuance of industrial licensing and new investment laws.
He pointed out during his participation in the events of the first day of the CityScape conference in the “Industrial Development” session that industrial developers have succeeded in attracting many new investments through the services offered by their projects, which includes a great deal of commercial and residential services sought by investors, noting that the problem The main challenges faced by investors in the old industrial areas such as 10th of Ramadan and Al-Obour are the lack of all other services needed by investors. He continued that the developer companies are waiting for the government to complete its plans for its land concessions to the developers, especially after it launched about 4 million square meters in the cities of Sadat and the tenth of Ramadan last year 2017. For his part, Moataz Bahauddin, managing director of one of the industrial companies, explained that his company seeks during the current period to implement projects complementary to the industrial activity in Damietta Furniture City project, where the industrial activity occupies 80% of the city and 20% of the commercial and service activity. Feeder in the city to minimize import from abroad. He said that housing is an integral part of the new industrial communities. It is also necessary to take into consideration the opening of a commercial center to market the city’s industrial products and to include hotels to attract more investors. Saud Eliavi, general manager of one of the companies, said that Egypt needs 10 million square meters of industrial land annually in light of a rate of growth of investment movement of 4%, stressing that the industrial developer has an important role to attract investments and implement marketing plans. With the challenges facing this segment supporting the local economy. He added that the industrial developer provides integrated services in the industrial land that is developed from maintenance and dealing according to the system of one-stop, which makes the resort to the industrial developer better than the purchase within the industrial complexes, explaining that the industrial developer has successfully begun to attract many investors, as the number of factories For 400 factory through industrial developers. He pointed out that the land allocated for industrial development in the city of the tenth of Ramadan recently, noting that the high price of industrial land is not the responsibility of the industrial developer, since the average price of the industrial meter of 520 pounds since 2007. Industrial parks helped to redistribute the industrial investment map to maintain specific investment activities in specific locations. He stressed that the industrial developer is complementary to the real estate developer for his role in development and job creation. He is also the basis for the comprehensive development in any new city, since it provides job opportunities that make the worker needs a housing unit. On the other hand, Tariq Hisham, Head of Investment Sector at the Economic Authority of the Suez Canal, added that the Authority accommodates investors from all economic sectors in order to diversify the land in the various areas developed by the Authority, adding that the land area increased from 20.4 km to 611 km in 2015, Has succeeded in signing a number of contracts with a number of developers, most notably the hands and Samkrit in Eastport Said and Polaris in Ain Sukhna. He added that 210 kilometers were allocated to the developers in Ain Sokhna and the rest of the 5 km. The Commission requires the industrial developer to have a residential area next to the land being developed in order to provide suitable housing for the workers and achieve the idea of ​​comprehensive development that includes employment opportunities with housing. Said that training centers have been inaugurated in the economic zone to raise the efficiency of the labor force. He pointed out that the execution of two tunnels in Sharq and Werisaid has been completed and a new railway tunnel is being operated to facilitate the transfer of labor and goods.

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