Infidelities of famous Colombians | FM

The Colombian celebrity He has been the protagonist of different scandals and controversies over love affairs that come to light with the passage of time. Different celebrities have been caught in the middle of love stories, lawsuits for sentimental betrayals and news about infidelities with colleagues from the national media.

There are some cases that have gone down in history in the country, due to those involved or couples who have ended up in this kind of uncomfortable situation. Several They have managed to overcome these difficulties, while others are already in the past.

Here we present to you some of the scandals that were heard the most in the media for years, and in which great faces of television were involved.

Marcela Reyes y DJ Exotic:

The businesswoman and renowned DJ was the center of a controversy that took hold in 2019. La paisa starred in a video in which He is seen exploding with temper and kicking a door with his heels, trying to enter a place where his sentimental partner and one of his best friends would be.

The artist has told how everything happened, highlighting that she discovered her ex-partner in the apartment of which she was her friend, so she did not control herself and wanted to unmask the infidelity.


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