Influence and Pandemics, Christianity in History(ies), Climate Impasses, The Keelan Chronicles, Secession; the weekly literary selection

Influence and Pandemics, Christianity in History(ies), Climate Impasses, The Keelan Chronicles, Secession ; here is the weekly literary selection.

Influence and pandemics

All over the world, the prevalence of the public interest over that of the few is being questioned, to the point that we are no longer able to deal with our fundamental vital problems in an efficient way. The management of the covid pandemic has not escaped this curse, with strange opinions, recommendations and decisions from public authorities that were consistent neither with the general interest nor with the state of scientific knowledge. To what coherence, to what influences could this series of decisions correspond? To open this question up for debate and try to preserve the integrity of public decision-making, we need less to find culprits than to identify how these influences manage to interfere in institutions and lead to degraded decision-making.

The facts and events dealt with in this work fall within the period of the last thirty to forty years marked by the financiarization of the economy and by the growing involvement of defense and security services in the field of public health decision-making. In the first part, we identify two main influencers, the drug industry and the military-industrial complex, multinational consultancies and US philanthrocapitalism appearing as the vectors of their mixed influences. In a second part, we focus on their modes of influence, from the corruption of professional organizations to the manipulation of scientific authority, which lead to effective capture of public decision-making. The third part sets out to describe how influencers have achieved this capture in the most important field of global health, that of the fight against pandemics.

Faced with the considerable difficulties ahead, we first need operational institutions. Restoring their integrity and that of public decision-making is a prerequisite for the success of all public policies and strategies that we can imagine.

Michel Cucchi is a doctor of medicine, a doctor of sociology and an executive in the hospital public service. His career is divided between the regional health administration and the management of health establishments. He is involved in the world of associations and collectives in transition for an ecological, united and democratic bifurcation of institutions, and more broadly in the fields of collective risk and environmental climate health. The author has no conflict or link of interest to declare with the parties cited in this work.

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Christianity in history(ies)

With two thousand years of history, the Church still appears today as a largely unexplored continent. Rather than tackling it head-on, Philippe Roy-Lysencourt has chosen to explore it through targeted events, combining major facts and anecdotes

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Climate dead ends

Under the impetus of the IPCC, followed by NGOs and the media, political leaders have decided that developed countries, Europe and France in the lead, must give up fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) by 2050. It is a matter of no longer emitting one gram of carbon dioxide (CO ) because this gas would be responsible for a “disruption” of the climate which would lead to a catastrophic warming of the world temperature. The cost of this “great reset” is estimated at around one hundred thousand billion euros, or the equivalent of tripling global sovereign debt. Accredited by the IPCC as an expert reviewer of its last two AR5 and AR6 reports, the physicist François Gervais shows in this book that this “reset” is scientifically unfounded, catastrophic for humans and in particular for the poorest, and finally harmful to the planet. Disagreements between China and India, the fragility of climate simulation models, the demonstrated need for CO to feed a growing population, he exposes the very numerous and very serious contradictions conveyed by this alarmist discourse on the climate. To avoid a return to fuel poverty and the dramatic increase in poverty, it is time for the West to come to its senses, those of factual and scientific analysis.

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The Keelan Chronicles

“You carry the mark”.

Thus begins the great adventure of Keelan Williams.

After a terrible accident in the Bermuda Triangle, she discovers that Aerandir, an island she thought was imaginary, does indeed exist! Its king is not a legend, the great forest of pirates and the treachery reigning in the kingdom are no longer just stories. It is therefore a new world, lulled by magic and filled with danger, which is offered to her. Being chosen by Teithio, the goddess of travel and knowledge, her destiny will be heavy to bear. His choices will change the future of this world.
But will she be ready to pay the price?

Enora WYCKAERT comes to us from Brittany, and more precisely from Brocéliande. Passionate about magic and the imagination since her childhood, she began to write her first stories around the age of ten. From 2009 to 2012, she belonged to a theater troupe for which she wrote end-of-year plays. And in 2012, the Town Hall of Saint-Thurial awarded her an honorary diploma as a playwright. Graduated with a BTS Assistant Manager and a certified title in visual communication, she sought her way for years, before setting up on her own in 2019 as a graphic designer. It was in 2021 that she self-published her first novel “The Chronicles of Keelan”, the first volume of her series “Chosen by the gods”.

We strongly recommend, for lovers of Fantasy and Adventures, these novels, well written, full of references that will satisfy lovers of the genre but also of history and mythology.

You can follow his activity on his facebook page here, interview to come.

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Secession, manual of self-defense against caste

For many years, the question of secession has been posed to all those who have doubts about the ability of our economic development model to last. Even more so since the Covid-19 crisis and the advent of Great Resetthat is to say the takeover of Western societies by the globalized caste thanks to generalized surveillance and, finally, the threat of Grand Collapsewhich will be the brutal reversal of the secular bullish cycle towards a kind of new Middle Ages, introduced by a brief brutal sequence.

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Ce Grand Collapse is indeed the major fear of the globalized caste, which organizes itself so as not to lose control of the situation when it occurs. In view of this observation and with a view to survivalisme social, secession proves to be necessary but, concerning us, we can no longer, as in ancient Rome, think of secession as a concentration of the people on a hill, defying the aristocracy. Geographically, this separation would not make sense, nor any possibility of succeeding. On the other hand, it is possible to begin a societal secession, by refusing to adopt the codes, customs, principles and values, conveyed by the globalized caste, or instrumentalized by it, and by adopting alternative codes and values. .

Why secede? How far should she go? From political, social and financial aspects to educational and spiritual issues, it is this global process that Éric Verhaeghe – well known for his fight against sanitary tyranny – undertakes to describe here, not exhaustively, but by giving leads that everyone can deepen and adapt according to their needs

Éric Verhaeghe, 53, is a former student of ENA. He left the administration in 2007 to perform various management functions. He has created several companies, including Tried itspecializing in the law of collective agreements and Cosmic which deals with natural medicine and mutual health insurance. He assumes his libertarian positions and animates “The Courier of Strategists” as well as the association “Rester Libre!” ».

He notably became known in 2021 for his fight against health tyranny and its liberticidal excesses following the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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