Injured and rescued: Liveticker of the events in the pit Teutschenthal


Teutschenthal –

In the offset mine pit Teutschenthal there was a so-called deflagration on Friday morning.

The MZ reports live:

12:37: The material used in the pit Teutschenthal for the filling of cavities comes partly from waste incineration plants. "The filter dust also contains hydrogen," said Erik Fillinger to journalists. In a first statement, the Landesbergamt had suggested that hydrogen could have played a role in the deflagration in the pit in Saxony-Anhalt.

12:32: Erik Fillinger, Head of Strategy / Planning and Mine Operations Manager of the Teutschenthal mine: "The two injured are from the mine rescue service, our rescue service. They have been rescued over-days. "

12:25: The police and the pit operator have announced in a press conference first details of the pit luck. According to this, at 8:57 am a deflagration occurred at a so-called dam, where two buddies were about to commence work. Both were injured by it, one of them by flying around in the face.

The remaining workers would have been partly in a break room, partly in a shelter nine kilometers away shelter below the village Angersdorf in safety. After the factory fire brigade had carried out measurements, the men had come to the surface. The police now investigate for negligent or intentional assault. In addition, the State Office of Geology has started investigations.

12:10: Press conference on mine accident in Teutschenthal

12.00: According to initial estimates, the State Office for Geology and Mining Saxony-Anhalt assumes that too high a concentration of hydrogen in the air has led to it, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the MZ. The accident happened 9.02 clock. One German and one Polish employee were injured.

Pit Teutschenthal

11.30 am: The people trapped temporarily underground after a deflagration in the pit Teutschenthal in Saxony-Anhalt are all liberated. All are well-kept, said the police in Halle in the short message service Twitter.

11.13 clock: Company and police have announced a press conference for 12.00 clock.

11.00 clock: About 35 people are underground at a depth of about 700 meters. They are in security rooms and were supplied with oxygen, said a spokesman for the Land mountain ministry in Halle on Friday.

10.30 am: The district of Saalekreis does not plan to set up a disaster team or staff for special events. However, they are in contact with the control centers and the company that operates the mine. If the messages require it, the circle will respond.


The pit Teutschenthal lies west of Halle in the Saalekreis.

10:00 am: One victim was heavy, the other slightly injured, said a spokeswoman for the police in Halle. Both are now in the hospital.

9:03: As a police spokeswoman of the MZ confirmed, the emergency call was received at 9:03. Accordingly, there should be two injured. Several people are still underground.



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