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Dr. Carmen Valcárcel, specialist in Emergency Medicine and clinical sexology, shares what each woman should have on hand to relieve the most common symptoms during menopause.

“The‘ survival kit ’of a perimenopausal woman should have articles aimed at reducing the appearance of symptoms: a fan, lubricant, sanitary napkins and natural supplements (always checking with your doctor to avoid interactions)."

He adds that, long before this stage, women in their 20s and 30s can take several specific steps to get healthier to the menopause stage.

"For example, doing aerobic exercises, maintaining good nutrition and good sleep hygiene can decrease vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes)”, He says, emphasizing that menopause is not just a matter of women, it is a matter of human beings.

Hot flushes

The hot flashes, or hot flashes, are the sensation of heat and sudden sweating. If they become frequent and uncomfortable, your doctor may recommend low doses of estrogen. Recent research suggests that hot flashes could be a symptom of cardiovascular disease in women.

Excessive bleeding

It requires a medical evaluation to determine its cause. If necessary, and have no contraindications, low dose contraceptives may be recommended. It is essential to ensure that the source of this bleeding is not a pathology (uterine tumors, cancer, endometriosis or others).

Vaginal dryness

Due to the decrease in estrogen, the vaginal walls narrow and lubrication decreases. ANDThis can be handled with estrogen creams, lubricants and moisturizers, should always be under medical supervision.

Humor changes

Fluctuating levels of hormones cause changes in mood. Decreasing stressors, resting and doing cardiovascular exercises can help maintain a better and stable mood.

Insomnia problems

Sleep hygiene is one of the most important elements at this stage. Avoid stimulating drinks after noon, Do aerobic exercise and sleep in a cold and dark room are simple actions you can take to improve sleep.

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