Instagram. New features coming soon to encourage teens to take breaks

Instagram is currently being singled out for the negative consequences of using its app on adolescent mental health. The revelations of Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee who became a whistleblower, revealed that the American group was well aware of this, increasing the number of studies on this subject.

Facebook has therefore decided to react. The American group announced, through its communications manager Nick Clegg, that new tools would emerge to better protect Instagram users, reports CNN relayed by BFMTV. The “take a break” option will thus see the light of day.

Reorient teens towards healthier content

Teenagers who spend too much time on the social network will receive a message urging them to log out of the application for a while. This tool had already been mentioned on September 27 in a press release. Another novelty: young people who focus too much on a subject will be offered alternatives.

“We are going to introduce something that will make a huge difference, explained Nick Clegg to CNN. When our system sees that a young person is watching similar content over and over again that may be harmful to their sanity, we will direct them to other content. “,

The head of Facebook also mentioned new parental control functions, without detailing them. Asked by The Verge on the implementation of these measures, a spokesperson for Facebook said that the features “Have not yet been tested but will be soon”.


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