Insurance pays, even if it is an intentional outrage — Inese

The insurance company of the car with which a man tried to run over his brother-in-law in the town of Redondela must compensate the victim. The Superior Court of Justice of Galicia (TSXG) has upheld the appeal filed by the victim against the judgment of the fifth section of the Provincial Court of Pontevedra.

The room indicates in the resolution on the appeal, that it only referred to civil liability, that the damages suffered by the victim must be be compensated with charge to the compulsory insurance that covered the vehicle that your family member was driving, who agreed to be sentenced to three years in prison for attempted murder and reckless driving.

Thus revoking the sentence of the Provincial Court of December 2021, only as far as civil liability is concerned, condemning the insurer, recalls the newspaper The voice of Galicia.

“The desire to end the life of his brother-in-law using the vehicle is integrated into the total behavior and, therefore, it is an integrated fact in the circulation of the vehicle, which is not alien to it and, consequently, it does not report the exclusion of compulsory insurance coverage”, reads the TSXG in the sentence.