insurance to guarantee school continuity

Education is the key to ensuring a better future for children. Sanlam Moroccoinsurer formerly known as Saham Marocinnovates by offering Moroccan parents insurance to secure the school continuity of their children.

Ensuring that your child will be able to continue his education until the end in the event of a hard blow: this is one of the main concerns of parents. To provide a solution, the insurer Sanlam Maroc deploys school continuity insurance, which makes it possible to secure children’s schooling over its entire duration. In the event of the death or disability of the parents, 100% of the children’s annual school fees are covered, and this every year until the end of their schooling.

An affordable price

Parents can subscribe to this insurance at any time during their child’s schooling, whether at the start of his or her school career or later, and without an “entrance ticket” or the need to have subscribed in previous years. In return, in the event of the death or disability of the subscribing parent, the Company undertakes to pay the child’s tuition fees each year directly to their school. All at a rate, payable annually, which remains accessible to best suit all budgets. To go even further, Sanlam plans, in the coming months, to extend the triggering of School Continuity coverage to other causes that may affect parents, in addition to death and disability.

Sanlam Maroc is 61.7% owned by Sanlam, a South African insurer and financial services group. In January 2022, the South African group wanted to increase its stake in the capital of its Moroccan subsidiary to 84.5%. However, this acquisition did not take place due to conditions not met by the insurer.

As a reminder, Sanlam Group finalized, in October 2018, the purchase of the entire capital of Saham Finances for an amount of 1.05 billion USD.

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