Intel Announces the “Intel Arc A” Series of Independent Laptop Graphics Chips Scheduled to Launch the First Wave of Products in April

Intel officially announced the adoption of its own “X” on March 30e-The “Intel Arc A” series of independent graphics chip products with HPG” architecture will be the first to launch products for notebook computers. The low-end “Intel Arc 3” is expected to be launched in April, and the mid-to-high-end “Intel Arc 5″ is expected to be launched in summer. / 7”.

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Intel Arc is the brand launched by Intel to enter independent graphics card products again after many years, covering hardware, software and services. Its first generation was based on Xe-HPG microarchitecture, graphics chip codenamed “Alchemist”. Scalability and computational efficiency will be provided through advanced graphics capabilities. Featuring hardware ray tracing and AI-powered graphics oversampling, it fully supports DirectX 12 Ultimate.

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The first wave of Intel Arc A will be launched for notebook PCs. Low-end products “Intel Arc 3”, including “Intel Arc A370M” and “Intel Arc A370M”, are expected to be launched in April, aiming to provide 60FPS smooth execution speed at 1080p resolution. In the summer, the mid-level product “Intel Arc 5” and the high-end product “Intel Arc 7” will be launched. Desktop discrete graphics products are also scheduled to launch in the summer, details to be confirmed.