Interview with Camille Emmanuelle: Debat meeting in Thionville

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What life after the attacks? A relative of the victim tells. On the occasion of the release of her investigative book “Ricochets”, Des mots et debates, welcomes author and journalist Camille Emmanuelle, wife of Charlie Hebdo designer Luz, and an indirect victim of the January 2015 attacks. January 7, 2015, Camille Emmanuelle accompanies her husband, Luz, still a cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo, for a first psychological interview at the hospital. She does not realize the impact that being the companion of a victim of an attack will have on her. In “Ricochet” s (Editions Grasser), Camille Emmanuelle deciphers with honesty, emotion and sometimes even an amused look, this very special life experience. “It is a story and an investigation, on a personal experience but an experience that I believe to be universal”. This text really touched the association Des mots et debates, born from these events, and she wanted to share it. Author and journalist, specialist in questions of sexuality, porn culture, feminisms and gender, Camille Emmanuelle has published four essays, including “Sexpowerment” (Anne Carrière, 2016, Livre de Poche, 2017

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