Introducing the Revolutionary Apple Vision Pro Glasses: Everything You Need to Know

Apple begins a new era after the announcement made at the annual Apple WWDC 2023 developer conference to venture into mixed reality with the release of its first glasses, which they have baptized with the name of Apple Vision Pro.

Apple vision Pro glasses will come with a completely new operating system developed especially for these headphones called VisionOS. From Tim Cook’s own words, it is a revolutionary space computer that combines the physical world with the virtual one.

And revolutionary has also been the initial sale price, announced at about $3499, although it will be available for sale from next year, starting in the United States.

And… what is it that makes the Apple Vision Pro glasses so special compared to the glasses of Meta Questleading brand so far in VR glasses?

Here we tell you everything that has been revealed in the conference.

  1. A unique and powerful viewer

Among the most outstanding characteristics has been its polished glass visor with a friendly social effect, since when using the glasses you are not totally isolated from reality.

You can see people around you and they can see your eyes, thanks to a technology called Eye Sight. If the glasses are playing content, you can see a colored screen that will indicate that you are currently connected to your content. But if someone gets too close to you, the screen begins to become transparent and your eyes will show.

To achieve all this powerful effect on vision, the brand has developed 5 sensors and 12 high-resolution cameras for this device that help track the movement of the head and eyes.

Now we know why the name Vision Pro was chosen.

  1. Immersive audio

The next thing that the brand of its glasses has highlighted the most has been its spatial audio system that allows creating a truly enveloping immersion.

The sound manages to adapt to the characteristics of the room thanks to an audio ray tracing technique (RayTracing Audio).

  1. a different interaction

The design and use of Apple’s mixed reality glasses are designed for both games, entertainment (movies, series) and as a work tool, allowing virtual collaboration.

You will be able to create an avatar that will act as yourself within the virtual world. Actually, you will be yourself because what Vision Pro will do is scan your face and from this it will build your avatar so that it naturally represents you as a 3D user. It will be so real that it will be able to simulate your own gestures and movements.

  1. Maximum data security

And as for the security of your data, there is nothing to worry about.

It will use a system called OpticID, very similar to the well-known iPhone FaceID, which will verify the user’s identity through iris scanning.

This has been, without a doubt, a gigantic and daring step by Apple, and at GSMPRO.CL we are in the front row to bring you closer to all the futuristic technology of your favorite brands.

2023-06-08 17:03:46

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