Investments of €110 million for rapidmail parent company

Freiburg, Germany (ots/PRNewswire) Groupe Positive (formerly Groupe Sarbacane), Franco-German market leader for solutions in the field of digital corporate communication and parent company of the German e-mail marketing provider rapidmail, secures investments of 110 million euros. In addition, the Groupe continues its acquisition strategy and acquires another company, Marketing 1BY1, for the third consecutive year.

In order to remain on a strong footing with the continued growth course, Groupe Positive is also bringing another partner on board: After the French Groupe IDI in 2020, the European fund EMZ Partners is now also participating in the capital.

Mathieu Tarnus, founder and CEO of Groupe Positive, remains the majority shareholder. Turnover, which has tripled in the last three years, will reach almost 30 million euros this year. The self-imposed goal is to generate sales of 100 million euros by 2026.

With its newsletter marketing tool, the Freiburg-based company rapidmail has been an integral part of the expansion strategy on the European market and the driver of rapid growth since 2021. “Groupe Positive has grown strongly in recent years and the successful acquisition of rapidmail has made a decisive contribution to this,” says Sven Kummer, Managing Director of rapidmail. “We are convinced of the strong potential of our solutions and look positively to the future.”

In order to be able to better distinguish the individual business areas and to make the strategy clearly visible to the outside world, the Groupe is also changing its name to Groupe Positive. Sarbacane, like rapidmail, will continue to exist as a brand and subsidiary. The new name reflects the values, development and optimism that have always been part of the company’s DNA.

The investments obtained open new avenues in the development of Groupe Positive, which has been formed since 2001 around its flagship software, rapidmail and Sarbacane. Over the years, the company has developed a range of solutions dedicated to the digital communication of companies: email and SMS (marketing and transaction), creation of automated workflows, conversational marketing with live chat and chatbot, sales engagement and much more.

Groupe Positive, together with its subsidiaries Sarbacane and rapidmail, intends to position itself as an entrepreneurial platform for digital innovation by focusing on its strengths: advanced but easy-to-learn technologies, a tailor-made premium companion service for all its customers and a strong local footprint in Europe. Today, the Groupe mainly serves SMEs & ETI, but also large corporations and public institutions.

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