iPad & iPad Pro For Dummies 2nd Edition – Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Ideal for getting started with Apple’s little marvel, for iPad Air, Mini, and Pro with iOS 16!
That’s it, you’ve cracked and you have your new jewel in your hands. This new version not being a tool like the others, it well deserved that the “For Dummies” collection gives it a color book all to itself.
This book will give you a complete overview of all the possibilities offered by your new digital companion.
In the program :
– New features brought by the iPad and iOS 16
– iPad startup, sync and online registration
– Discovery of the touch desktop
– Work with keyboard
– Launch apps
– Adjust the iPad according to your needs
– Connect to Wi-Fi and use messaging
– Surf the web with Safari
– Geolocation and map or how to find yourself wherever you are
– Manage photos and videos
– Download books and apps for the iPad
– Connect an Apple Watch
– Additional accessories