Iranian press: The document signed by Shamkhani in Baghdad included fighting the movements in Iraqi Kurdistan that cooperate with Israel

March 19, 2023

Baghdad / Obelisk: Noor News, in a tweet, highlighted the importance of the visit of Admiral Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, to Iraq, and the importance of the joint security cooperation document to be signed between the two countries during Shamkhani’s visit to Baghdad.

And Nour News stated in a tweet to him on his Twitter account: In light of Shamkhani’s visit to Iraq and the signing of a very important joint security cooperation document between the two countries, from today onwards some movements in the Kurdistan region of Iraq that coordinate the destabilizing and anti-revolutionary movements of the Zionist entity against Iran will face the consequences of their steps. indiscretions.

Today, Sunday, Shamkhani arrived in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and was received by his Iraqi counterpart, Qassem Al-Araji.

The visit comes at the invitation of Qassem Al-Araji, the Iraqi National Security Adviser, during which Admiral Shamkhani will meet and discuss with senior political and economic officials in the Iraqi government.

During Shamkhani’s visit to Iraq, senior security officials of the two countries will sign the joint security cooperation document that has been discussed for several months.

It is worth noting that the signing of this security document between Iran and Iraq, which reinforces responsibility and mutual commitment to effectively protect good neighborliness and protect the security of common borders, will play a decisive role in ending the illegal presence of the enemies of Iran, the Islamic Revolution and the elements affiliated with the Zionist entity in the northwestern borders of Iran.

Iraq is Iran’s second trading partner, as the delegation accompanying Shamkhani, which includes a number of banking officials and economists, shows that Raisi’s government, while actively trying to manage political and security challenges in foreign relations, places great emphasis on developing trade and economic relations with neighboring countries.

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