Is the Xperia 5 IV heat problem worse than the Xperia 1 IV?Observation of stronger throttling

The new Xperia flagship, Xperia 5 IV, announced by Sony Mobile yesterday.

Perhaps because of the advance leak information and the specs as expected, the topic was surprisingly low overall, and compared to the Xperia 1 IV, the media coverage was clearly modest.

On the other hand, overseas media GSMArena posted a review article of this unreleased Xperia 5 IV shortly after the announcement. I found that there was some concern about heat generation in it.

Throttling for Xperia 1 IV and above

Below are the measurement results in the benchmark test “Wild Life Extreme” provided by 3DMark of Xperia 5 IV.

Xperia 5 IV

When running the Xperia 5 IV at peak processor performance for 1 hour,Throttling to about 60% for the first 5 minutes.Maintains 58% of maximum CPU performance overallas a result.

Speaking of throttling due to heat generation, Xperia 1 IV is also famous, but here:

Throttling was triggered relatively quickly after the test started, but overall throttling was up to 63%.Performance degradation is less than Xperia 5 IV

In other words, as far as this result is concerned, it can be said that the Xperia 5 IV is more likely to generate heat than the Xperia 1 IV and cause functional restrictions and failures due to it.

On the other hand, looking at the “stability” of the performance during the measurement period, there is a slightly different aspect.

As you can see, the Xperia 5 IV is slightly more stable, which means that performance fluctuates less during measurements.

However, this is also a negative point depending on the viewpoint.
This is because the Xperia 5 IV has a lower score than the Xperia 1 IV from the beginning, and as a result, the performance degradation rate over time is smaller.

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In other words, it can be said that the Xperia 5 IV is throttled quite aggressively from the start of measurement, and it can be said that this is because the throttling due to heat kicks in faster than the Xperia 1 IV.

If it were this Xperia 5 IV and Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, the story would have been different, but if you think about it normally, the same chip is installed, and if some measures are not taken to improve the heat dissipation performance from the Xperia 1 IV, the terminal body It is easy to imagine that the smaller Xperia 5 IV is more prone to heat build-up and is more prone to throttling.

It may be better seasonally, but based on this result, it seems likely that the Xperia 5 IV will be as unpopular as the Xperia 1 IV, or even worse, due to heat problems.

Source: GSMArena