ISP unchanged with relief of 21.5 cents on diesel and 22.5 cents on gasoline

The rates of the Petroleum Products Tax (ISP) will remain in effect next week, with tax relief totaling 21.5 cents per liter for diesel and 22.5 cents for gasoline, announced this Friday, 13 May, the Ministry of Finance.

“Next week, the ISP unit rates will remain unchanged, keeping the current discounts applied”announced, in a statement, the ministry supervised by Fernando Medina.

According to the same note, the alleviation of the tax burden on fuel, including the weekly ISP review mechanism and reduction of unit rates to the equivalent of a VAT rate of 13%, will remain at 21.5 cents per liter. for diesel and 22.5 cents per liter for gasoline.

The situation will be reassessed on May 20, the government said.


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