It didn’t even come together in the fifth: Pamela Anderson becomes again (details)

2022. jan 23. 14:35

It becomes again Pamela Anderson. A Baywatch her star was sure that she had finally found the real thing in the person of her fifth husband, Dan Hayhurst, but unfortunately that was not the case: the actress was forced to give her way too.

Dan became a real p * cs against Pamela. He wasn’t kind to him, he didn’t support him in anything. They were baked together for two years, getting to know each other thoroughly. Pamela also realized that this was not the real thing for Dan. Now they don’t agree at all, Pamela sees that they have nothing in common. Dan didn’t treat Pamm the way he would have expected him to. They kept arguing. Dan said in vain that he wanted to save their marriage. Besides, Pam thought it would be great to finally have a party with an average man who could replace the light bulb – and although the lighting was great with them, Dan didn’t meet Pam’s needs.

Velvet quotes a source close to Pamela Anderson. The actress will soon file for divorce.

Dan Hayhurst Pamela was Anderson’s bodyguard; they fell in love with each other during the quarantine, but unfortunately their relationship did not prove to be long-lived. However, this was not the shortest marriage of a sex symbol:

they officially formed a party with their fourth husband, businessman Jon Peters, in just 12 days!


Now the news has arrived: the star of RTL has been hospitalized in a life-threatening condition >>

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