“It is terrible that women victims of violence have to protect themselves alone”

Saturday in Courfaivre, the association of Geraldine Marquis was officially launched. It is the Mel association, for Mélanie his sister, killed two years ago by her companion. In front of an audience at the rendezvous, the association presented its means to help women victims of domestic violence. Alarm system, psychological support, self-defense courses, the activities of the association are aimed at women of the Jura, are free and rely on donations. If Géraldine Marquis is delighted with the success of this launch, she would like an early collaboration with the political and judicial authorities. “We are in an emergency”, she pleads: in Switzerland, 25 women have been killed this year by their partner or ex-partner and nearly 40% of women have been victims of violence at least once in their life. life.

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