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Italy: Separation via Instagram, counterattack via Facebook

Elisa Isoardi does not want to be with the Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. This is proclaimed through the social media in terms of image and language.

What happened?

Italian television presenter Elisa Isoardi has put an end to Italy's interior minister Matteo Salvini.

Why are we interested in this?

Now a separation occurs in the best circles. But rarely does this happen as publicly and in terms of media as in this case: Isoardi broke up via Instagram. Even this form of closing is actually worth nothing in times of social media. In the case of a (vice) head of government, of course, this is a little different. Isoardi posted an apparently outdated photo, lying smiling on the bed in a bathrobe. Beside her, Salvini bare-chested and eyes closed. To this she wrote: "I will not miss what we have given ourselves, but what we could have given ourselves, with the utmost respect for the true love that was there, thank you, Matteo."

How does Salvini react?

The Italian Minister of the Interior reached the news on a business trip in Ghana, West Africa – and as a media professional, his reaction was not long in coming. Ten hours after Isouda's closing post, Salvini turned to the public with a Facebook photo of his preferred communications platform: smiled contentedly, his arms spread wide, in the middle of an olive grove. True to the motto: I can not shake something like that. Do not itch me at all.

Did Salvini really stay that cool?

Well, from the message he attached to the photo, you could read a certain amount of upset: "For reasons of education, character, and respect, I never put my private life in the public eye, and I'm not going to start with that right now," wrote Salvini. And with the one right-wing populist like his due pathos, he added, "I loved, I forgave, I've certainly made mistakes, but I believed in it until the end, what a pity somebody had other priorities."

What does the net say?

Isoardi's open-hearted post quickly gained tens of thousands of responses from Instagram users and temporarily became the most talked-about topic on Twitter under the hashtag #Isoardi. And Salvinis Post also caused a stir. Almost 50,000 users responded to him. More than 6000 left a comment. In it some courage speak to him. Others praise Salvini for his almost statesmanlike reaction – the boss of the xenophobic ruling party Lega expresses itself otherwise rather robust in the social networks. But there are also many commentaries where compassion is obviously limited.

Was it Salvini's first breakup?

How many separations Salvini actually has behind him, is not known. The self-styled "friend of the AfD" is divorced and has two children, one with his ex-wife, the other with a partner from the time before Isoardi. So it's not his first breakup – nor the first time that pictures of a half-naked Salvini are ghosting through the media and web. In 2014, Salvini unveiled himself for the gossip magazine Oggi: Salvini upstairs, mischievous under a white bedding. Salvini perky with green tie on hairy chest. In the picture posted by Isoardi, it is just the upper right part of his torso to see.

The Wulffs are not a couple again

Former Federal President Christian Wulff and his wife Bettina have separated for the second time. Despite a love comeback, her bike now leans against another tree.




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