It’s okay to change engine oil specifications, this is advice from the experts

Radityo Herdianto /

Illustration of a car engine oil change – Car engine oil is something that gets more attention.

As is known, each engine oil has specifications ranging from viscosity, additives to base oil or different base materials.

The use of engine oil in cars ideally refers to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications.

Then what if you use oil that is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications?

D. Wahyu Bawono always the Business Development Strategist of PT Pana Oil Indonesia explained that the use of oil with different specifications is okay.

“If the use of better engine oil or upgrading the base oil, you need to pay attention to the thickness, you should not be far from the manufacturer’s recommendations,” said Wahyu.

“This is so that the engine still gets the recommended viscosity or SAE so that engine performance remains optimal,” he explained.

Car Engine Oil Change Illustration

Because if it’s too runny, the engine sound can be louder.

Meanwhile, if the engine oil is down grade, in addition to viscosity, it is also necessary to pay attention to the oil change schedule.

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