J Balvin launched “OYE”, a “bilingual creative wellness” app | Entertainment

The singer
J Balvin
launched this Thursday “OYE”, a “bilingual creative wellness” application with which it seeks that users transform their “emotions into creative actions” and that it is based on their personal experiences of emotional health.

The application was developed in English and Spanish by the artist and by Mario Chamorro and Patrick Dowd, who seek to provide “innovative tools to identify emotions, set goals for emotional transformationand unleash people’s potential through creative wellness practices,” they detailed in a statement.

“After the pandemic, the world’s youth, actually, all of us, are very exhausted. Anxiety, depression and the feeling of being lost in life are very common now“, Said the reggaeton singer, quoted in the information.

He added: “I have experienced them myself and I have learned that through meditation, movement and connection it is possible to feel better and be creative again. OYE is an app that elevates people’s well-being by allowing them to be present, harness their emotional and mental superpowers, and follow their light.”

In that sense, The app offers a safe space for people to balance emotional well-being, physical health, and relationships.

Inspired and driven by his own experience, J Balvin is at the forefront of the emotional and mental health conversation, opening the dialogue and breaking the stigma around this topicespecially in the Latino community.


The application has a content that aims to guide people to feel better and fully reach their potentialintegrating the concept of creative wellness into their daily routines.

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In this sense, the OYE Wellness Council -co-chaired by the Mexican wellness leader and expert in mind-body connection Mari Sierra and the psychologist Carlos López- developed content that brings “unique perspectives and creative wellness practices, inspired by their experience as professional healers, teachers and artists“.

For Chamorro”feeling better inside is the top wellness priority for global youth“.

“From Latin America to the world, we are building a community of people and partners who recognize the importance of the connection between inner work, wellness and human potential“, he added.

OYE investors include Collaborative Fund, 17 Sigma, Rodina, Expa, GreyMatter, Propeller Ventures and Gaingels, as well as Kevin Ryan, CEO of Alley Corp; Jeff Wilke, former Amazon executive, and Maryanna Saenko, co-founder of Future Ventures, among others.

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