Jaime Rodríguez bought a luxury apartment with Isssteleón credit

A few hours before leaving the chair as governor, Jaime Heliodoro “N”detained in the Apodaca Penalty 2 for alleged electoral crimes and presumed abuse of power, he completed with the help of a loan from isssteleon the purchase of an apartment for more than three million pesos, which he rented for 6 years in real estate development The capital.

An inquiry made to Registry and Cadastral Institute of Nuevo León by platform MILLENNIUM-Multimediathe former president agreed to the sale of the penthouse in one of the complex’s towers on October 1, 2021, two days before leaving office.

After living together with his family in the apartment via lease with option to buy, Jaime Heliodoro “N” and his wife, Adalina Teresa Dávalos Martínezacquired the department for an amount of three million 173 thousand 172 pesos.

Of this amount, one million 76 thousand 920 correspond to a credit that the former governor requested and that was authorized by the isssteleonfor a term of 30 years.

The purchase also included two parking spaces for the vertical condominium, and access to amenities such as a swimming pool, gym and barbecue terrace.

The loan was authorized with the presence and signature of Juan Manuel Ruiz González, then director of Social and Economic Benefits of Isssteleón.

This is stated in public deed number 199,465 of October 1, 2021 before the faith of Evaristo Ocañas Mendeznotary public number 51, with practice in the first registry district in the state of Nuevo León, a copy of which is owned by this publishing house.

The operation was agreed with the selling party identified as Delta Real Estate Entrepreneurs, SA de CVrepresented by attorneys Federico Garza Santos and Marcela Aguilar Flores.

“The price agreed for this sale is the amount of 3 million 173 thousand 172 thousand 06 cents in national currency with the amount of the loan granted by Isssteleón.

“The rest of the price, that is, two million 131 thousand 695 pesos and 6 cents through the delivery of a title of those denominated by the General Law of Titles and Credit Operations as a ‘promissory note’ signed by the latter in favor of Entrepreneurs Delta Real Estate, Limited Company”, reads the minutes.

The apartment is located on level 24 of The capitalon 1400 Washington Street, in downtown Monterrey.