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Jim Furyk defends Ryder Cup decisions: Patrick Reed, Tiger Woods were "excited" about teamwork

After Patrick Reed's total assault on the US Ryder Cup system and mating options Last week, US Captain Jim Furyk responded … somehow. Furyk interviewed the Golf Channel on Monday to discuss the Ryder Cup, and of course the relationship between Patrick Reed and Jordan Spieth was added as part of the conversion.

Reed said that New York Times Last week he was "blind" because he was not paired with his former partner, Spieth, in Paris for these games.

"The problem obviously is that Jordan does not want to play with me," said Reed Times, "I do not have a problem with Jordan, when it comes down to it, I do not care if I like the person I'm paired with, or if the person likes me as long as she works and she's the team for success." He and I know how we can make each other better, we know how to get the job done. "

Furyk told Golf Channel Monday that the Ryder Cup pairings are well known before the actual matches.

"When I started to see who [Tiger]…39&Itemid=32 I would always come back to Patrick Reed, "Furyk told Golf Channel. There was always the idea that we could go Tiger [Justin Thomas]and Patrick and Jordan, but in the end they knew they would go weeks before the week. They knew they would start the Ryder Cup with Patrick and Tiger as partners. "

That does not change much, I suppose. Both statements can be true. Reed did not give a timeline for when he was blind, only he was blind sat. Furyk's decision, whether in July or September or last January, would still have surprised him.

But Furyk also indicated that nothing had ever been said before Reed's games. That only came out after he and Woods went 0-2-0 and Reed sat for two other sessions.

"I talked about it [the decision to break up Spieth and Reed] with the vice-captains, "Furyk told the Golf Channel. Discussed. Do we really want to do that? I really had the feeling that we have two great pairings of it. It was my call. After all, I'm the one who made that decision, but it's a decision I stand by.

"We took Jordan and JT out of the game, they played very well and they won three out of their four games and I will stick to it, I think Tiger and Patrick are a great pair, both against a strong side with 0-2 . " Time, but I still think that they make a good couple. "

Then the money quote that was playing, that Furyk Reed did not know, upset the Spieth breakup.

"Patrick and Tiger were excited to play together."

The whole saga is a bit mixed up, and it's easy on Monday morning quarterback the whole thing (which I think both media and the Reeds have done). Ultimately, the bottom line is what it was a week ago. Reed and Woods did not play golf very well, so they took a pair of Ls. It's because of Furyk because he's the supreme, but as always, the better golf is all the rest. The US did not do that, so we'll talk about it a week later.


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