Jin Hae-seong, who won the’Trot National Sports Festival’, said, “It’s not true” in controversy over school violence

Jin Hae-sung singer

[포켓돌스튜디오 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Jeong-jin = Singer Jin Hae-seong, who won the KBS 2TV’Trot National Sports Festival’, refuted that it was “not true” to the allegations of school violence raised.

Jin Hae-sung’s agency PeopleUs announced on the 22nd, “In relation to the post posted online, I have confirmed to myself, alumni, and acquaintances that the post is not true.”

In the future, he said, “We will take legal action against those who post and spread false information for malicious purposes in the future.”

In the morning of this morning, an online community claimed that Jin Hae-seong formed a so-called’Iljin’ group in middle school and used school violence.

The author, who identified himself as a middle school alumnus in Jin Hae-seong, said, “It was a pity that the victims were scared, so they couldn’t make any noise and only boiled inside.

It is known that the identity of the author is currently unknown.



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