JLo leaves with the desire to Miguel Ángel Silvestre

JLo leaves with the desire to Miguel Ángel Silvestre

The Spanish actor Miguel Ángel Silvestre is impacted with “the beauty” of Jennifer Lopez. The protagonist of the series ‘Velvet’ is the one who accompanies the call ‘Diva of the Bronx’ in his most recent video called ‘The ring’, which presented yesterday in the city of Las Vegas in an awards ceremony. The 36-year-old Spanish actor prepared himself in case “the queen” as he calls her, invited him to go on stage to dance, so he revealed it before the awards ceremony: “I have to start rehearsing, just in case, it is going to be that he says the Spanish this one has no idea of ​​dancing and that no, that we also have our swing, our little steps “, he shared in his Instagram account. However, he stayed waiting while enjoying the presentation of Jennifer Lopez from the front row, although he did not miss the opportunity to make it clear once again that he is really struck by the singer: “What beautifulness! I’m drooling, “he shared Miguel Angel while recording with his phone to JLo when the photographers were portraying her. Even though JLo was accompanied by his sentimental partner Alex Rodriguez, Miguel Angel did not miss the opportunity to throw more than one compliment to the ‘Bronx Diva’: “A woman who has had me in love since I saw her dance and sing ‘Jenny from the block’. She is beautiful, sweet, as I always imagined her. She is a dream! “, The actor wrote in his Instagram profile. You may also like:

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