Join hands with church giants to condemn “anti-gay laws” Pope: Gays are also children of God | International | CTWANT

Pope Francis. (Photo/Dazhi/Reuters)

Recently, Pope Francis of the Catholic Church, Justin Portal Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, President of the Anglican Church, and Iain Greenshields, host of the Scottish Presbyterian Assembly, recently visited South Sudan. After the visit, the three condemned the current “anti-homosexuality laws” in some countries as a crime and injustice. Among them, Francis even bluntly stated that “gays are also children of God and should be welcomed by the church.”

According to the “BBC” report, whether it is the Pope, the president of the Anglican Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury, or even the host of the Scottish Church Assembly, they are actually leaders of the three traditional religions, and this joint visit to South Sudan is also a 500 It is the first time in years that they are gathered together, so it is particularly eye-catching. Because there are still 67 countries in the world that regard homosexuality as a crime, and South Sudan is also one of them, so the church’s attitude towards homosexuality has once again attracted attention.

Pope Francis clearly stated that “people with homosexual tendencies are also children of God, and God will love them and accompany them.” Francis also believes that “it is unfair to define their sexual orientation as a crime.” , condemning comrades is a crime”. Pope Francis has also previously stated that although Catholic doctrine cannot recognize same-sex marriage, he has expressed his support for gay “civil union” (civil union).

Green Shields (left), presiding officer of the Scottish Presbyterian Assembly, and Verbier, Archbishop of Canterbury, president of the Anglican Church (right). (Photo/Dazhi/Reuters)

As for Pope Francis’ remarks, the president of the Anglican Church, Archbishop Verbier of Canterbury, also expressed strong support, and also said that he would quote the content of the Pope’s speech at the upcoming general meeting. Earlier news also pointed out that although the Anglican Church cannot allow same-sex couples to marry in the church, it does allow same-sex civil marriage blessings.

Green Shields, host of the Scottish Presbyterian Church, also said that when he read the four Gospels, he only saw Jesus expressing love to anyone, but he did not see him rejecting anyone. He also emphasized that “this is the only positive answer that we, as Christians, can give to anyone”.