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Jörg Roßkopf hopes for football clubs as table tennis supporters


The soccer women of FFC Frankfurt will merge with Eintracht Frankfurt in the coming season to catch up with the national leaders again. Would you also like to have a Bundesliga table tennis team called Eintracht Frankfurt? Eintracht is currently playing in the Hessen League.

Before TG Hanau, as a district league club, took over the Bundesliga license from TTV Gönnern in 2009, that was our goal. At that time we had spoken to Eintracht and presented it with a concept. It will always be the goal that large clubs get involved in top-class table tennis. Werder Bremen is already doing this. Table tennis, which you can play into old age, is very suitable for large clubs. It would be very sensible and extremely important to have a Bundesliga club again in the Rhein-Main area in order to be able to offer the young players a perspective. With great support from TTV patrons, Timo Boll has come to the top of the world. The local region is also perfect for a top league location with its economic strength.

After three years in the Bundesliga, Hanau withdrew from the Bundesliga in 2012. Since then there has been no Bundesliga table tennis in the Rhine-Main region. However, the TTC OE Bad Homburg has very good chances of promotion in the Second Bundesliga.

The Bad Homburgers are very professional and work well. Why shouldn't they make it to the Bundesliga? But having two first division clubs that would be so close to each other with Frankfurt and Bad Homburg would be difficult. One would have to look for the conversation.

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