Josh Richardson joins the Celtics

At the helm of the Celtics only for a few weeks, Brad Stevens do not waste time. After getting rid of the Kemba Walker and recently Tristan Thompson, the new general manager of the C’s has just concluded another deal. The back Josh Richardson arrives from Dallas. A transfer which will be possible as soon as the player has activated his player option up to 11.6 million. A good operation for Boston, since in this transaction the franchise does not send any counterpart. Brad Stevens will use the trade exception, acquired during sign-and-trade of Gordon Hayward last year. Boston had already used part of the $ 28.5 million envelope to sign Evan Fournier and its 17.5 million the trade deadline. With the transfer of Richardson, the franchise will therefore have invested all of its trade exception. Note, however, that the deal must be finalized before Monday evening, so that the salary taken into account is that of 2020-21 and not that of the following season.

Arrived Dallas last year, Josh Richardson was to replace Seth Curry on the rear station. But, the transplant under its new colors never took. He has compiled his worst statistics since his 2017-2018 season. A decline that was confirmed in the playoffs, where Richardson fell below 15 minutes of playing time for 4.9 points. At the Celtics, he has the opportunity to revive and find the level that was his Miami. His arrival may be the end of the Fournier Boston experience. We see badly Brad Stevens breaking his piggy bank for the French, while he has just recovered a player on the same post. As for the Mavericks, this transfer allows them to recover a trade exception of 11.6 million. With more than $ 30 million investing in the free agent market, Texans are expected to liven up the summer.

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