Journalist botches interview with Adele, and that costs his b…

Adele is in the spotlight with her new album ’30’ and journalists are tripping over each other to interview her. Yet the English superstar only makes a handful of media appearances. An Australian TV reporter was one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately, he did not go home with a wonderful report, but was suspended for two weeks and his boss lost almost 650,000 euros.

Esther MeermanSource: The Guardian

Matt Doran of Australian broadcaster Channel 7 flew to London in early November with a cameraman and sound engineer for an exclusive interview with Adele. During the interview, the singer noticed that Doran asked her few questions about her new album. “I didn’t listen to it,” the journalist admitted.

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At first, that announcement seemed to have little effect on the pop star. The album wouldn’t be released until two weeks later, so Doran wasn’t too worried about his confession either. “In fact, the interview lasted almost ten minutes longer than planned, we talked for almost half an hour,” Doran recalled in an interview with the British newspaper. The Daily Telegraph.

“I am so ashamed”

But record company Sony was annoyed by the TV reporter’s poor preparation and refused to allow Channel 7 to broadcast the interview. An expensive decision for the broadcaster, which had paid about one million Australian dollars (almost 650.00 euros) for an exclusive interview with Adele.

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Despite the fact that the album was not officially in stores at the time of the interview, Doran had indeed had the opportunity to listen to the album. A Sony press officer had emailed him a link to the album before the interview. Doran says he overlooked that message. “This is the most important email I’ve ever missed,” he sums up his misstep. “I am so ashamed.”

Channel 7 couldn’t help but send their reporter home for two weeks. Doran presents a popular television program that is broadcast every Sunday morning on the broadcaster.